What is Freight Forwarding

Freight Forwarding is the strategic pick up and delivery of freight globally. We handle everything from the pick up right through to the delivery at the other end.

We are responsible for investigating and planning the best routes available, whether that is Air, Sea or Land. Arranging the proper packing requirements depending on the part of the world the delivery is set to.  Negotiating all contracts, costs and custom arrangements.

Responsibilities also include arranging payment of deliveries, utilising online and eCommerce platforms for sustainability  and maintaining communication and ensuring control is maintained throughout the journey of the products or packages.

It is a high paced industry that requires diligent and efficient workers as this is the essence of the industry. It does require a lot of overseas travel and frequent visits interstate.  It usually is a high stress environment and hard work is not uncommon.

The core skills needed to perform well in these roles are, good geographical knowledge, experience with different cultures and religions, vast knowledge of different industries and excellent teamwork as it is not just a ‘one-man-show’.¬† There are many different types of companies that can employ you. These can be from your local courier depots right through to major international businesses.

Don’t be afraid to get involved with freight forwarding, you can build our career in it!