CDSTech are offering a vast range of global services. We ensure we have the correct mix of travel time vs the total cost to make sure we accommodate the clients preferences and end objectives.


CDS Tech promises comprehensive global freight forwarding services internationally. Having vast experiences within the Land-Air and Sea freighting options, it allows us to offer a service like no other.

Door to Door Delivery:

CDS Tech has affiliates in every country around the world that allows us to handle your delivers from door-door. At special request we can arrange specific times that you or the receiving party are available.

Import and Export custom options:

We look after every aspect of the freight process including Import and Export options. We aim to deliver our clients the total experience.

  • Customs consulting
  • Custom Clearance
  • Tariff and commodity interpretation
  • Draw back and temporary import clearance
  • Pre-clearance approvals
  • Preparation of local documents

Trade and Exhibition Shows:

We ensure you receive your display stands and other display materials on time – every time. We understand how important it is to your business.

Collect Shipments:

We have arrangements that allow collect shipments if required. We partner with our affiliates. We move the goods or packages and release these once your payment has been received.

Proof Of Delivery (POD):

All services include proof of delivery and full tracking from pick up to destination.

Online Services:

We are an online business. We understand the importance of live tracking and an online portal. We pride ourselves on leading the industry with enhancements in information technology.